Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Altınbaş University Guest House (Dormitory) has been launched at Mahmutbey Campus in Academic Year 2014-2015.

Our staff works 24/7 to provide long-term student satisfaction and comfort.

All rooms are furnished with toilet and bathroom, under counter fridge, private study desk and chairs, two-door wardrobes, bed and a reading light.

Focused on improving students’ academic performance, Altınbaş University Guest House is equipped with common study areas, the best drafting tables and special work desks.

For a fulfilling social life in campus, we also offer a fitness centre, TV lounges, student kitchens, music room, recreation facilities, a restaurant and vending machines. 

Students must provide their own quilts or blankets, pillows and bed linen (sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers).


  • Health Centre

Altınbaş University Dormitory has medical staff available between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 a.m. from Monday to Friday and 24 hours on weekends.

In case of emergency or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Medical Staff or Guesthouse Staff at the following extension numbers: “1112” or “1000” (If you call us from your mobile phones, please dial 0212 447 45 01).

  • Security

Equipped with state-of-the-art fire and smoke detection, electronic door lock systems and video surveillance, Altınbaş University Dormitories is monitored 24/7 to provide security students can rely on (Ext: 1020).

  • Cleaning Services

The cleaning of dorm rooms and common spaces is provided by professional cleaners. The cleaning team is regularly monitored and inspected by the Guesthouse Directorate. Common spaces are cleaned on a day-to-day basis, as for the student rooms, we provide periodical thorough cleaning. At Student Guest House, we offer twice a week cleaning services.

In order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, we ensure that the appropriate cleaning agents and chemicals are used depending on the items or surfaces to be cleaned. We also avoid using cleaning agents that may trigger allergy symptoms or cause immediate reaction.

As per the provisions of Guest House Directive, students are required to leave their rooms available for cleaning.

  • Heating and Hot Water

At Student Guesthouse, we provide heating and hot water for each room, which are also equipped with central heating systems to keep residents warm in winter.

  • Laundry Room

Laundry room is equipped with washing machines, tumble dryers and industrial ironing boards. Residents are required to provide their own laundry cleaning supplies.

  • Student Kitchen

Student kitchens are furnished with built-in cooktops and hoods, toasters, and microwave ovens. When using kitchens, all residents are required to abide by the provisions of Student Guesthouse Directive. 

  • Lounges

Free Wi-Fi is available at common lounges which are furnished with sitting sets and TV units. As per the provisions of Student Guesthouse Directive, residents are welcome to invite non-residents to visit them at common lounges from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.

  • Wireless Internet Connection and TV

For all our residents, we offer Free WIFI and network plugs in all rooms.