Registration and Fees

Registrations and Fees


One Semester

End Date: Friday, January 31st, 2020



Check-Out Date: Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Room Type

Annual Rate

(9 months)

Per Semester


Single Room

USD 3.650

USD 1.825

Front view (14 m2)

Single Room

USD 3.550

USD 1.775

Front  view (8 m2)

Single Room

USD 3.350

USD 1.675

Back view (14 m2)

Triple Room

USD 2.250

USD 1.125

Arka  view (30 m2)

Quadruple Room

USD 2.450

USD 1.225

Front  view (28 m2 + Double Bathroom WC)

Quadruple Room

USD 2.100

USD 1.050

Arka  view (30 m2)

*Residents are required to pay a deposit fee of USD 500. Deposit refund is subject to room’s condition after check-out (An inspection will be carried out to check for damages in rooms after the resident’s check-out).